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Guided walk at Raw Nook, Low Moor

Guided walk at Raw Nook, Low Moor
Paul Barrett

Sunday, 14 June 2015

n February last year, our group organised a guided walk at Raw Nook, Low Moor. The weather was terrible and only five of us ventured out. Hoping for better weather, we organised a summer visit to this site - a thirteen acre site owned by Bradford Council, formerly occupied by British Rail.
However, it was a case of deja vu!
So Sunday 14th June, saw a very select group gathered (or rather, huddled in a car) hoping that
a)      The drizzle would stop
b)      Some other hardy nature enthusiasts would join us
By 10.15 it was evident that we were "it" & as the rain had relented a little we decided to have at least a brief walk. We made our way along clearly marked paths, passing mixed copse woodland, heathland & an area of predominantly birch saplings, heading for the pond. There was little bird life in evidence there, but an abundance of tadpoles & a number of fish fry were evident in the clear water when you looked closely.
As the weather had held, we crossed the railway line via a footbridge & ventured out of the reserve itself towards an attractive fishing lake, where the highlight was a female mallard with three healthy-looking ducklings well-camouflaged at the edge of the water. On further observation, nesting coots were spotted on the far side. A swallow swooped low over the surface scooping up insects.
Satisfied by now with our trip, we made our way back to the starting point & had the added bonus of spotting a toad trying to conceal itself at the edge of the path. 
Altogether about 20 species of birds were seen, including blackbird, wood pigeon, crow, blue tit & many more were heard calling in the canopy. The variety of habitats were home to a wide range of plant life, including purple vetch, red campion, flag iris, water lilies (not yet in bloom), broom, bluebells & some which are proving challenging to identify! A site certainly worth visiting in better weather.