Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Curlew standing on weed, County Cork, Ireland

Our Programme of talks 2018-2019

10th September 2018
Sir Bob Salisbury
Field of Dreams

8th October 2018
Darren Houston
The Garron Plateau, Co Antrim

12th November 2018
John Kerr
The Six Mile Water Trust

3rd December 2018
A Jolly Christmas Meeting

7th December 2018
Christmas Dinner - Booking Essential

14th January 2019
Ian Enlander
The Birds and Landscapes of New Zealand

11th February 2019
Eimear Rooney
Raptors, especially Hen Harriers

11th March 2019
William Smiton
Birds, Bears and Butterflies
Travels in Transylvania and the Danube Delta.

8th April 2019
Charlotte and Nigel Moore
Birding and travels on horseback in Israel

13th May 2019
Alan Aitken
Island Adventure in Australia

16th June 2019
Group Field Trip to Umbra and Castlerock