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Danson Park -Birdwatching Walk

Danson Park -Birdwatching Walk
Richard Spink

Friday, 28 March 2014

Danson Park Walk Thursday 13 March 2014

It was foggy at 8.30 but by 9.30 the sun was breaking through and finally it became a thoroughly beautiful spring morning for a walk - hopefully to be enjoyed by 26 attendees.
I did a survey to establish which direct promotion got them there. There were 17 from the Bexley Group, seven from the Friends of Crossness, one from the Friends of Lesnes Abbey, and one who saw a poster in the park from Friends of Danson Park (but no actual Friends).
John Turner who visits the park every week was also with us, so we were able to look after the group well.
The highlights were a nuthatch (the first in the park for John this year), five redwings, a pair of great spotted woodpeckers, stock doves, a great crested grebe with a single young on its back, a pair of Egyptian geese with two tiny goslings and a pair of gadwall. There were 37 species seen or heard in total.
There was a general strong feeling that this type of walk was appreciated and a few people said they had been in the park but had never ventured into parts we did, seeing species they hadn't seen before. Two or three were very much beginners and said they welcomed the pace and information while two said they would re-join the RSPB. Others said they would like more information about local walks.
A very satisfactory and enjoyable morning

Ralph Todd