About us

The group aims to be a focus for existing RSPB members in the Bolton area and also for those new to birdwatching. Our programme of indoor meetings attracts over 100 people each month and runs from September to April. We also have outdoor trips locally and further afield; some of these by coach.

Meeting times and costs

Indoor Meetings start at 7.30pm Local Group Members 2.50 and other visitors 4.00. Annual local group membership 5.00 Adult; 8.00 two at one address.

Meeting place

St Catherine's Academy, Newby Road, Please use the Sports Centre entrance on Newby Rd, Breightmet, BOLTON, BL2 4HU

Committee Posts

Mr Terry Delaney: Treasurer
Mrs Cheryl Delaney: Secretary

Other people who help organise group activities

Mrs Veronica Platt
Mr Steve Settle
Mr Den Atherton
Mrs Melanie Churcher
Mr Donald Hart
Mrs Kathleen Haydock
Mr Tony Johnson
Mrs Chris Johnson
Mrs Lena Lowe
Mr Mike Lowe
Mrs Lesley McManus
Mrs Dorothy Street
Mrs Sheila Wood