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Worthington Lakes - 10/01/15

Worthington Lakes - 10/01/15
Tufted duck - Holly Page

Saturday, 10 January 2015

After wrapping ourselves up in our winter woollies and waterproofs we set off around the main reservoir. On the water were good numbers of mallard along with a lone Canada goose and great crested grebe. Some movement in a rhododendron bush made us stop and we found a mixed tit flock - great, blue and long-tailed all whizzing in and out of the branches, no doubt taking refuge from the strong winds among the low, leafy branches.

As we reached the causeway between the lower & upper reservoirs a sparrowhawk flew over our heads and landed in a nearby tree. The very top stretch of water had a few teal mixed in with the mallard and also a stunning male mandarin which added a bit of glamour to an otherwise dreary winter's day.

We then proceeded along the banks of the River Douglas before heading up onto the fields and over to the canal. Very few birds were around but we did spot a small skein of greylag geese struggling to maintain formation in the strong wind.

The only birds we saw on the canal were a pair of mute swans who swan over to us, only to be disappointed when we didn't have any food for them.

We finally turned away from the canal and walked back through the woods, down to the main reservoir. As we reached the dam end we spotted two male tufted ducks and scanned the gull flock to find a couple of common gulls in with the black-headed gulls.

We may only have seen 27 species but it was actually a pleasant walk despite the strong winds and we only had one very short shower of rain!