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April 2019

Monday, 29 April 2019

Bromley Swift Survey 2019 - help save our swifts!

Bromley Swift Survey 2019 - help save our swifts!

Swifts are amazing birds but they're fast disappearing from Bromley's skies.

Join the RSPB Bromley Swift Survey, now in its second year, to find out where they're still nesting. No prior experience or knowledge is needed. We'll give you a local area to survey and ask you to:
take a few short walks over the summer
let us know where you see any swifts.

Last year over 120 people helped us cover 75% of the potential swift habitat in the borough. But we still need more volunteers for our survey this summer!

Together, we can find out where they are still nesting and take steps to protect them. If you're interested, please email

Peter Smart, RSPB Bromley Swift Survey Organiser
RSPB Bromley Local Group


Monday, 22 April 2019

Let Nature Sing!

Let Nature Sing!

There are 40 million fewer birds than there were 40 years ago and time is running out to save the rest. The good news is that we can all do something about it.

The RSPB is attempting to get a single of pure birdsong into the UK charts (the Top 40) and needs as many people as possible to buy it by Thursday 2 May. What a message it would send to have birdsong in the charts, in time for International Dawn Chorus Day on 5 May!

You can download the single from iTunes or GooglePlay or buy the CD from Amazon. Visit the RSPB's website for the direct links at the end of this news item.

As well as downloading the single, please share the above weblink and #LetNatureSing on social media, and invite everyone you know to download it - it's a celebration of how wonderful nature is, and a wake-up call to save it.

Recordings were made at RSPB reserves during 2016-2018 (Pulborough Brooks, West Sedgemoor, Ham Wall, Minsmere, Lakenheath, Dinas, Ynys-Hir, and Abernethy). They include a range of beautiful and amazing birds sounds, such as the crane, curlew, turtle dove, cuckoo and nightingale.

You can also watch the pop video that accompanies the single here: The video / single will be broadcast on TV and radio from 26 April and the RSPB is doing lots of work alongside this to promote it to politicians and the media.

The primary aim of this is to raise awareness (not money). However, to be eligible for the charts a single has to have a cover price, so it will raise some money, and all proceeds will go to help fund RSPB's nature reserves, which provide a home for all the birds on the single. The RSPB is keeping the cost of the single to a minimum, but does not have control over its final price on different platforms.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

Bromley's hedgehogs are disappearing!

Bromley's hedgehogs are disappearing!

Since 2000 hedgehog populations in England have fallen by more than 50% in rural areas, and 33% in urban areas. In Bromley they are now rarely recorded. Hedgehogs live in scrubby areas, hedgerows, gardens and rough grassland. They often range 1 to 2 kms every night feeding on soil invertebrates and hibernate in deep leaf litter beneath hedgerows and scrub.

If you see one in our area please notify the Bromley Biodiversity Partnership, who are working to implemented targeted habitat improvements for hedgehogs in the London Borough of Bromley.

Send an email including the date of your sighting, the location (as a postcode or grid reference), and number of hedgehogs seen to

You can help hedgehogs yourself with a few simple steps:

Have a wild area with some scrub in your garden or park
Check for hedgehogs before mowing, strimming or having bonfires
Ensure that there are holes in fence lines so that hedgehogs can pass through
Don't use pesticides, especially slug pellets
Make sure that ponds have at least one sloping side to them so that animals which fall in can climb out
before drowning
Make sure that any wire or nylon netting is secure or at least 15cms above ground level

For more information see the link to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society below.

The Bromley Biodiversity Partnership consists of representatives from local groups, key organisations and individuals with specific expertise who are committed to understanding, protecting, enhancing and celebrating biodiversity within the London Borough of Bromley.