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May 2021

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Male chaffinch singing on branch

The Return of Local Group Events

April 15th marked the day of our first in-person Local Group event in over a year, and it didn't disappoint. Bob Francis and Peter Smart led two socially-distanced groups of intrepid explorers on a hunt for wildlife through Sydenham Hill Wood.

Shortly after, Geoff Coad kindly led two walks in as many days around Hayes Farm on April 17th and April 18th, during which our members spotted more than thirty species of bird!

Following on from the success of these local walks, another was organised for April 22nd, this time around Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve. Peter Smart and Geoff Coad led two separate groups around this veritable haven for wildlife, spotting a mammoth total of 41 different bird species!

Many thanks to Geoff and Peter for kindly giving up their time and knowledge to lead these walks, and many thanks as well to Sandie Wood, without whom these walks could not have been organised! To find out how our members got on, head over to the Trip Reports section on the website and have a read.

We're not finished there, however! We have at least three more Local Walks taking place this month. Currently, they are only open to small groups of members and must be booked in advance, although if easing of coronavirus restrictions goes ahead as scheduled, we will hopefully be welcoming many more of you soon.

Head over the Events section of the website for full information and booking details for each of these upcoming events, as well as other events of note including upcoming Online Talks.

Edit: This post originally indicated mistakenly that the Hayes Farm walks were the first since easing of coronavirus restrictions - this has now been corrected.