Tuesday, 27 August 2019

IPCC Report on Climate Change and Land
IPCC report cover

IPCC Report on Climate Change and Land

Martin Harper, the RSPB's Global Conservation Director, recently published a blog entry on the recent IPCC report on Climate Change and Land. You can read Martin's blog on the link below, which includes a link to the full report, but the opening paragraphs of Martin's blog give a taste of the content:

"Today's new report by the IPCC is the most comprehensive scientific assessment of the relationship between climate change and land. Governments have spent the last week negotiating the contents of the summary for policymakers, which will set the scene for climate action in landscapes around the world for years to come.

Humans exploit 72% of the ice-free land surface globally. We are therefore directly responsible for the fate of this land, and all life that exists within it. Unfortunately, the way we use and manage land is driving significant harm that both threatens the survival of millions of species and undermines our own life-support systems."