Saturday, 9 May 2020

Puffin with sandeels in beak
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'Saving Nature Through Science' - Online Talk by Mark Eaton - 13th May

Through surveys and monitoring of species across the UK, the RSPB Centre for Conservation Science identifies those which are endangered or of particular concern, and then embarks on further research into the cause of population decline and how best to deliver a practical solution. If the solution proves successful on a local scale, it then is employed nationwide.

Join us for this fascinating online talk given by the RSPB's very own Dr. Mark Eaton for a glimpse into some of the techniques used and the science that drives this important research.

All members will be sent a link with log-in details to the talk, to be hosted on Zoom at 7pm, Wednesday 13th May.

More information can be found in the PDF below:

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