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Field Trip - Llanwonno for nightjar

Field Trip - Llanwonno for nightjar
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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

On the 6th of June Cardiff Local Group held an evening/night meet to look for nightjars. We met at the Brynffynon Hotel, opposite Llanwonno Church above Ynysybwl
At about 9:30 we moved up towards the forestry and parked up in a large entrance to a track into the forestry. Here were midges aplenty.We walked down the track and could hear redpoll Then one was found on a small twig sticking up from the grass it's red clearly showing in the binoculars.. Since I was last there most of the brash left over from the felling of trees had disappeared and the whole area was very much clearer than before. There were barn swallow and house martins taking insects over our heads
The wind was a little brisk and the air cold so there were few signs of moths but there were pipistrelle bats also taking the midges. Finally after a longish vigil we heard the unmistakeable churring of nightjar. Eventually we heard the sound from three separate locations but they were all distant. There was also a very brief sound of the flight call. We did not see any nightjar flying however despite waiting until 10:30 as the clouds started rolling in and the visibility lessening by the minute. The weather was cold and windy minimising the availability of flying insects (but at least keeping the midges down where we were). Perhaps this, coupled with the clearance of the area meant that the birds were deeper in the woodland..