Trip reports


Avocet wading in water

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Those of us who traveled to Slimbridge in June had a pleasant and rewarding day. As we made our way out to the Holden hide that over looks the scrape and the river Severn. The scrape was interesting completely fenced off and on a small island avocet were nesting young chicks of various ages.

Retracing our tracks and viewing out of the long hides.... sighted three cranes out in the meadow good close views, also greylags with goslings. In the shallow water near the hide lapwing with quite small chicks running around it looked as if drama was going to unfold as a crane enter the water but the bird completely ignored the chicks, though not sure what a heron would have done. Viewing from another hide a shellduck with a crèche of about twenty five chicks also tufted and shoveler, again a group of avocets.

We progressed to the free flying enclosure titled shore line not really comfortable about this area though splendid views of a male ruff in breeding plumage displaying, only see these birds on migration. Also redshank and avocets with young, more or less at your feet you appreciate how small these birds are.

Other birds seen black tailed godwit in breeding plumage a tern not by all also the resident collection never fail to be drawn to the eider with the distinctive call. After a warm and sunny day....the reward
was a bench and ice cream.

-Hugh Harrison