Trip reports

Field Trip to the Forest of Dean

Nuthatch on branch

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Sunday 25 March saw a small group of us standing in the Fancy view car park watching a goshawk circling above. All looking promising unfortunately that was the only goshawk seen by us. Before making our way up to the viewing point a tree creeper was spotted. Walking up the slope an adder was seen basking in the sun. Must be a favourite spot as on previous visits been seen in roughly the same area.

Arriving at the viewing point a group of birders not looking up to the sky, but at the ground, cameras and binoculars focused on a large adder also enjoying the sun.

Whilst scanning the sky we had a close views of buzzards sadly no other birds of prey or crossbills.

Decided to move to Speech House parked in the picnic area. Over the road in the past have viewed hawfinch in the woods below the school. However drew a blank and returned to car park for lunch and sat in bright sunshine. The most active bird near us was the nuthatch constantly calling.

Lunch over thought we would check out the Cannop ponds, parking near the stone works. Lots of activity on the bird feeders: blue, great and coal tit, chaffinch also siskin in the birch. Strolling along the bank teal,
tufted duck, two greylag also a group of Mandarin duck drifted into view.

Thought we would end the day exploring the Nagshead area, on arriving quick glance into the pond for newts or toads. Then off to lower hide which Mandarin duck often favour but drew a blank all very quiet. Took
a short route back to the centre through woods but not adding any other birds to our tally. Lots of evidence of wild boar trashing the meadow area which ground feeding birds favour. Overall a good visit even if low
on birds.

Hugh Harrison