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February 2020

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Report on River Lee Country Park Trip

Report on River Lee Country Park Trip

The weather was good, with clear blue skies by the end of the day. We saw 52 species in all by my count. Highlights for me were cattle egrets, bittern, water rail, kingfisher and goosander. Also, the several song thrushes in full song that greeted us when we first arrived.

It was a good day for raptors. We had several sightings of sparrowhawks, two buzzards grappling talons in flight, three soaring red kites and a kestrel. The bittern proved elusive, and we had to work hard to see it through the reeds in front of the Bittern Information Point. Frustrating perhaps, but does make you appreciate just how well camouflaged they are when you can stare right at them and still not see them. It was nice to see redwings, great spotted woodpeckers, goldcrest, linnets and lots of long-tailed tits.

Many thanks to the 28 people who came on this trip for making it such a good day.

Graeme Hutchinson