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September 2021

Saturday, 18 September 2021

Windmill and solar panels at the Centre for Alternative Technology

UK Energy Policy

We're calling for a revolution in the way the UK generates its power.

This is so that we generate clean renewable energy in harmony with nature. We're also campaigning for strong action to stop energy waste.

The Climate Change Act

In 2008, the UK passed its Climate Change Act and became the first country in the world with a legal duty to meet an annual carbon budget.

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 also includes legally binding targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and this Act is being revised in 2017.

These landmark laws were achieved largely thanks to the tireless campaigning efforts of Stop Climate Chaos, now known as The Climate Coalition in the UK, and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, - a coalition of more than 100 organisation including the RSPB, Women's Institute, WWF, UNISON, Friends of the Earth, Oxfam and Christian Aid.

Now the UK is currently heading off course for meeting the targets in the Act so we are urging the UK and devolved governments to live up to their commitments. We are calling on them to deliver an ambitious Clean Growth Plan to meet our climate targets and a green Industrial Strategy which delivers a strong renewable energy industry and embeds energy efficiency across all sectors of the economy. In Scotland, we are calling for an ambitious Climate Change Plan and Scottish Energy Strategy.

All these plans must be delivered in harmony with nature and we are using evidence from the RSPB's 2050 Energy Vision to show how this can be done.

What we believe
We believe it's possible to deliver a clean, green energy future in harmony with nature.

To avoid damaging climate change, the UK needs to switch from fossil fuels to 100 per cent low-carbon energy by 2050.

We know renewable energy developments can harm wildlife if badly sited and that these conflicts can also delay the roll-out of renewable energy developments. The RSPB's landmark 2050 Energy Vision, developed by RSPB conservation scientists and policy experts, shows the UK's 2050 climate targets can be delivered in harmony with nature, with high levels of renewable energy. To achieve this vision, we are calling on governments to identify suitable sites for renewable energy development which have a low risk for wildlife and we've developed a mapping technique to show how this can be done.

Using energy more efficiently is one of the cheapest, most effective and nature-friendly ways to slash greenhouse gas emissions. We believe saving energy should be a priority for our governments - and for everyone. We are calling for measures to cut energy use across the UK economy. To help people act in their homes, such as insulating lofts and walls, we believe our governments should offer far more financial support and advice.

Exciting new technologies such as floating offshore wind turbines could deliver large amounts of clean energy in places that have a lower impact on wildlife but more research is needed to develop them and to understand their wildlife impacts.

At the same time, we are exploring opportunities with energy companies to demonstrate how it is possible to deliver projects which produce renewable energy and create great places for wildlife to live. For example, we are currently working in partnership with Anesco, one of the country's leading solar energy companies, to help nature flourish on their sites across the country by helping them integrate and manage wildlife features through habitat enhancement plans.

Wednesday, 1 September 2021

RSPB Lodmoor nature reserve

Autumn Events 2021

We have put a plan together for the Autumn of 2021

Outdoor Events
Newcomers and beginners are particularly welcome on these trips. Please contact the leader at least three days beforehand to confirm arrangements via If the leader does not know you are coming, they cannot let you know of any last-minute changes to the trip.

Sun 12 Sept, Thurstaston Hill and Parkgate
Leader: Ian Cameron

Sat 23 Oct, Little Orme area and RSPB Conwy
Leader: Ian Cameron

Sun 21 Nov, Burton and Neston
Leader: Liz McClure

Sat 11 Dec, Moore Nature Reserve
Leader: Nick Carey

Indoor and Zoom Meetings
Due to the pandemic, the indoor meetings have turned into zoom meetings
Member's contribution £2; non-member's contribution £4.
Zoom Meeting opens at 7.15 pm for a 7.30 pm start, with booking essential via

Wed 15 Sept, zoom, Land of the Somer People
Speaker: Mike Read

Wed 20 Oct, Birds of the Mersey Estuary
Speaker: Chris Tynan

Wed 17 Nov, Lincolnshire - A Naturalists Paradise
Speaker: Steven Lovell

Wed 15 Dec, Southern Portugal
Speaker: Mark Woodhead

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