Thursday, 6 June 2019

Chichester and District Local RSPB Leader

At the recent AGM in May our Leader, Chris Furlepa, unfortunately had to resign the post of Chichester Local Group Leader. Firstly I am sure you would all thank him for the work he undertook as our leader and secondly we are not exactly losing him as he is taking over the roll of Walk's leader as Chris Vine has resigned from that roll as of the last walk's meeting. Again I am sure you would all wish Chris Vine all the best as he stands down. Chris Vine held the roll of Walk's Leader for a number of years and did a wonderful job. He might not be Walk's Leader but rest assured he will still lead walks and impart his font of knowledge as will Chris Furlepa.

Now to the important part. Chichester Local RSPB Group are actively looking for someone to take on the vital role of Group Leader. If you are interested in this role then please can you contact our group via or Hugo Blomfield the South-east area RSPB Local Volunteer's Representative on

We look forward to hearing from any likely candidates.