Tuesday, 8 August 2017


At the AGM, we made the tough decision to increase the charges for the coach trips to £20/23. It is vital that all aspects of programme break even and this should ensure that we do that this coming year. In the future, we will be trying a 'car-share' for the short haul trip and also offering a weekend coach trip; more details later. To keep the organisation as straightforward as possible we are continuing with the same price for each trip. The bus company are happier giving us an 'average' price per trip after they have been through our programme rather than working each one out separately and it makes Peter and Lesley's task on a Sunday less onerous.

Many of you are aware that 2019 is the year of the group's golden anniversary (we are the oldest group still functioning). I'm delighted to report that the RSPB is using that year to celebrate 50 years of local groups nationally. I'm not sure I meant to but I have talked myself onto the organising committee so if you have any ideas for either national or local events that you would want to see get off the ground please contact me.

It is worth noting that next year's photographic competition will provide the photographs for the 50th anniversary calendar, see the newsletter for more details. After the success of last year's calendar, it is vital that you get next year's early; we intend having them available at all of the events in September.

Enjoy the rest of the summer, take plenty of pictures and hopefully we will meet up soon.

Pete Worthy
Group Leader