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Visit to Bempton Cliffs

Visit to Bempton Cliffs

Sunday, 18 May 2008

On the outside wall of the Visitor Centre tree sparrows were seen entering and leaving their nestboxes.

On leaving the Centre the first three birds seen were a reeling grasshopper warbler, chattering sedge warbler and a corn bunting. Not a bad start!

The cliffs didn't disappoint, the continuous calls of the kittiwakes and the smell of fish heightened the senses and fulmars floated effortlessly in and out of the cliff face.

Eventually several puffins were spotted; always a pleasure to see these 'dapper' little birds. Bridled guillemot was also on show with the more common form and razorbill also perched on the ledges.
Large numbers of gannets glided back and forth, some carrying nesting material. They were also seen displaying in the gannetry.

Feral pigeon and 'rock dove' fed in the cliff-top grasses while kittiwake tore out clumps for their nests.

Bempton Cliffs has once again provided us with a seabird spectacle.

Peter and Lesley Berrill