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Visit to NWT Cley Marshes

Visit to NWT Cley Marshes
Northern shingle bank, Cley. (Photo: Peter Berrill)

Sunday, 20 September 2009

A high spring tide, coupled with an area of low pressure, may finally destroy the already weakened northern shingle bank allowing the sea water to burst through into the reed bed.

Enough doom and gloom, what a marvellous day we had, after a long uneventful journey, apart from the narrow lanes ably negotiated by our driver, Dave and his SatNav.

Blue skies and warm sunshine, the sight of the sea and splendid views of the birds, what better to raise the spirit.

Pat's Pool held black-tailed godwits, wigeon, marsh harrier, little stint, dunlin, little ringed plover and avocet, much to George's delight. Arnold's Marsh held curlew sandpiper, spotted redshank and little egret and from the top of the northern shingle bank, gannets were seen flying in small groups over the sea, heading east.

After struggling all day for a decent sighting of the many calling bearded tits, we were treated to good views of them from the centre car park on our return to the coach.