Thursday, 19 March 2020

Croydon Bird Survey
Mistle Thrush by John Watson

Croydon Bird Survey

The RSPB Croydon Local Group has run a survey of local birds since 1995. Anyone can take part and send us records from their garden or an open space in Croydon. To take part all you need do is to download the attached form and tick the appropriate box if a species is seen (or heard) in or from your garden during the month. Although we would appreciate further information about the maximum number of each species seen in your garden at any one time during the month you do not have to include this additional information, but a brief note about number and exact date for less common garden visitors would be most welcome.

Records from open spaces do not have to be collected on a regular basis or on special bird watching visits (although that would be most beneficial). Even if you only go somewhere once or twice a year, any information would be useful to us. The details can be recorded in the same way as for gardens. If you visit more than one site, please use a separate form for each one.
If you do decide to take part in the survey, the forms can be returned either directly to John Birkett, handed in at one of the group meetings or sent by e-mail.
Sightings can also be reported through the Croydon Birders website (see the Links page) or submitted by email, post or telephone. Any records of unusual species submitted to us, by whichever route, may be followed up for further details (possibly including a request for a description) as we share our records with the county bird recorders (for Surrey and London).
If you would like an electronic copy of the form please email

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