Monday, 15 November 2021

Barred warbler in Dundee
photo: Keith Edwards

Barred warbler in Dundee

On Friday morning one of our members was very pleased to find a young barred warbler at Riverside Nature Park. It showed very well twice but then disappeared and hasn't been seen again, so unfortunately he was the only person to see it. However he did get a number of photos. This is the 152nd species seen in or from the Nature Park since it opened in 2011.
After an autumn of almost non-stop westerlies and virtually no passerine migrants, this was quite a surprise! Those who were on the migrants outing to Fife in September 2017 may remember that we spent a long time trying to get a good view of one at Kilminning, which we eventually did.
And if anyone wonders where the bars are, only the adults have these. Although barred warbler is a rare but regular passage migrant, adults are extremely rare in Britain.