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April 2008

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Sussex Sees Decline In Swift Breeding Sites.

Sussex Sees Decline In Swift Breeding Sites.

Very few swift breeding sites in Sussex were submitted for the Sussex Ornithological Society 2006 Bird Report, and no colonies of greater than 3 pairs were identified. This is bad news for a County which in past years has had numerous breeding records.

We need to identify as many places as possible where recent breeding has taken place and try to stop this awful regression in swift numbers. Please can members let me know any churches or buildings where swifts might possibly have bred last year. When scaffolding is erected to repair these buildings it might be possible to put nest boxes up.

The first aim must be to safeguard the established colonies in Sussex and from there work outwards by erecting more suitably placed boxes and bricks in due course.

Please send any records to me and I will pass them to Audrey Wende at S.O.S. who is co-ordinating this effort.

David Jode

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