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February 2019

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Beached Bird Survey

As part of a national survey, the Eastbourne & District local RSPB Group searched the coast from Newhaven East beach through to Hastings (Rock-a-Nore). This is the largest area that the group has ever covered, and 17 volunteers helped, co-ordinated by Michael Light. Areas underneath high chalk cliffs, such as Beachy Head, were omitted on safety grounds.

It is pleasant to report that no tideline corpses were found, and that all beaches were reasonably clean and free from oil or other waste. There were few reports of notable live bird sightings, although good numbers of turnstones were found west of Bexhill. These very approachable waders can often be seen on the central Bexhill promenade, undeterred by humans, dogs and even buses.

Ian Muldoon