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Saturday Walks 2014: Hailsham Country Park

Saturday Walks 2014: Hailsham Country Park
Mike Light

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Hailsham Country Park is a small area of 22 acres made up of 3 ponds, wild flower meadow, playing area, hedges and woodland, with the A22 on one side and houses on the other. It was made into a Country Park in 1988.

I led 11 members around the park, listening for bird songs and hopefully seeing a few too!

We started by walking around the biggest pond, where we saw mallard, moorhen and gulls on the water. We also saw blue and great tits flitting around, house sparrows nest building and a greenfinch singing at the far end.

From the pond we walked along the hedgerow by the A22 and through the noisy traffic, we heard blackcap, robin and chiffchaff. It got better as we moved away from the road along the edge of the wood which was full of bluebells, looking lovely with the sun beating down on them and with the birds singing in the background.

We then saw more blackcaps, robins, wrens, nuthatch, black birds, tit and finch species. When we went into the wood the birds were singing everywhere and a moorhen was nesting on the small pond. A grey heron also flew over.

The botanist amongst us found woodruff and bog bean on the ponds, as well as male and female dog mercury.

In all, we saw over 20 species of birds and 3 butterflies - holly blue, speckled wood and a female orange tip.

Everyone had a great time.

(Mike Light)