Trip reports

Reserve Visits 2015: Pagham North Wall

Oystercatcher wading in shallow water

Saturday, 7 February 2015

It was a cold, crisp, bright and sunny day above our heads as we arrived at Pagham North Wall to start our day's birding. Under foot muck and mire, bog and briar was the order of the day; sinking ever further into saturated earth while we attempted to limbo "ever so gracefully" (men included) with scope and tripod in hand, under overhanging branches that showed no mercy lest we fail!
The birds, however, were delighted to see us and the Brent geese felt that a fly past was in order for this intrepid little bunch of 15 hardy souls.
Mr. Goldeneye also felt that he should show the men in our group a thing or two about wooing the female of the species as he swam proudly round the pool with his harem of five women. His subtlety, I feel, was sadly lost on those he was trying to impress, but then again they do possess other skills..... like bird identification..... much admired and appreciated by those "non-feathered" bird varieties in the assembled group!!!
In total we saw 56 different species of birds including a variety of gulls, great crested grebe, robin, jackdaw, heron, cormorant, oystercatcher, black-tailed godwit, red-breasted merganser, tufted duck, teal and wigeon. We also heard a water rail.