Trip reports

Reserve Visits 2015: Dungeness

Bittern feeding in reedbeds

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Heavy rain and dark leaden skies greeted us as we arrived at Dungeness. Other folk might have climbed back in their cars, or not even got out of their mode of transport at all, but we are the EASTBOURNE & DISTRICT LOCAL RSPB GROUP, a stalwart bunch and a little inclement weather was not going to put us off enjoying our day trip to Dunge. Superbly led by Peter and Sedley, we split into two groups to start our day's birdwatching. We were not disappointed.

We knew bittern had been seen and half way through the morning Linda caught sight of a bittern flying into the reeds and called. Our group got to see it quite clearly before it disappeared into the reeds. What an excited bunch we made, but even better was yet to come when we went to ARC Pit in the afternoon. THREE bittern were seen, two very clearly, sitting one behind the other. Just wonderful.

Peter Denyer recorded 51 species of bird including bittern, mallard, shelduck, four species of gull, kingfisher, green woodpecker, pochard and goldcrest.

Grateful thanks go to Peter, his friend Mark Armstrong and the 'Godfather of Birding'.......our Sedley.

On a personal note, once on the coach as we headed home, I found myself humming the first few lines of the Eurthymics song 'Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree .........'