Trip reports

Rained off at aptly named Splash Point

Pair of kittiwakes on rock

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Unfortunately a combination of rain, mist and high winds forced an abandonment of our latest midweek walk. Eight members met at Splash Point, Seaford and observed the kittiwake colony. The tide was out and many of the birds were on the beach, along with some herring gulls, black headed gulls and great black backed gulls. It appeared that the kittiwakes were doing well this year, with good numbers of adults and chicks. The encroaching mist made any attempt to count the birds impossible.

There is always a rock pipit or two on the concrete blocks beyond the Splash Point railings, and today was no exception. However very few other birds were visible. There was a single carrion crow, and the detached chalk pinnacle (smaller each year) hosted five cormorants.

The worsening weather made the plan to walk up Seaford Head unviable, so instead we retreated to the yacht club at Bishopstone for some excellent coffee. For the benefit of anybody in the area, this venue also serves a very good traditional breakfast.