Trip reports

Shellness & Harty Ferry

little egret, wading, water

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Under a leaden sky, heavy moisture filled clouds and an imminent threat of depositing the contents of said clouds upon our heads, we set off for Shellness and Capel Point.

Three hours later we arrived at Shellness and nothing had changed above our heads, except now some of those clouds decided that they were fit to burst and proceeded to throw their contents upon our heads, accompanied by strong winds that felt we hadn't washed well enough in the morning, so gave our faces a jolly good "spring clean".

However, our watch words for the day were "think positive" and with such positive thoughts flying around our happy band of 13, we were treated to a window of opportunity and we saw the following birds at Shellness. Kestrel, marsh harrier, golden plover, brent geese, grey plover, dunlin, sanderling, ringed plover, redshank, curlew, turnstone, oystercatcher, meadow pipit, house sparrow, blackbird, robin, red legged partridge, cormorant, shelduck, mallard, mute swan, coot, greylag geese, kingfisher, chaffinch, crow, magpie, wood pigeon, collared dove, heron, little egret (pictured), starling, goldfinch, lapwing, buzzard, black headed gull, common gull, herring gull and great black backed gull.

Capel Point is listed as one of the best places to see birds of prey and short eared owl. The aforementioned species struggled to cope with the howling winds and those wise owls and birds of prey thought discretion was the better part of valour and remained hidden for the most part.

The area is definitely worth another visit and hopefully we can look forward to that on the 2018/19 programme.