Trip reports

Saturday Walk: Cuckoo Trail, Horam

Blue tit perched on frost-covered conifer

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Thirteen members of the Group set out along the old Cuckoo line from Horam station going south on a bright sunny, but frosty morning. There were small birds mainly blue tits (pictured), great tits, robins, blackbirds and finches. Four buzzards were displaying close to us and kestrel, goldcrest and the long tailed tits were seen as well. On the flower side, primroses and the hazel tree had the female flowers out (the little red bits) not the catkins, the other tree with catkins was the birch.

Tony our railway expert was trying to work out the quarter mile posts and where they started from. Horam is 26 3/4 miles from somewhere and they go down as you move south.

All in all a nice walk with a few birds.

Michael Light

The mileposts on the Cuckoo line are measured from Brighton Railway station via Lewes and Polegate which means that Horam is 26 3/4 miles from Brighton.

Robin Jones