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Friday, 23 June 2017

The Bosworth Library

The Bosworth Library


East Yorkshire RSPB Local Group

Below is a full list of the books generously donated to us by David and Linda Bosworth. They are available for loan at evening meetings or at daytime walks with a prior email to Gill asking her to bring a particular book.

I have put them into sections to catalogue them. I have included the author when not a multi author book.
Also included is date of publication, especially when the book is an older one, as this can be relevant.

General Interest Bird Books: Worldwide or European

1) Birds of Australia Colin Harrison
2) Birds of the British Isles and their families from around the world.
3) The Dictionary of Birds in colour Bruce Campbell 1974
4) Illustrated Book of Birds Dr J. Felix 1978
5) Birds A colour nature diary Bruce Cleman
6) Thorburns Birds James Fisher
7) Birds Majestic Spirit of Birds of Prey Paul Frost
8) The Life of Birds David Attenborough
9) Birds A Practical Guide John Gooders
10) Tweet of the day Radio 4 Stephen Moss
11) Life on the Wing: Remarkable birds and their extraordinary life styles Magnus Ullman
12) Birds of Prey hunters of the sky Alan Richards
13) Birds of Paradise The worlds extraordinary birds Tim Laman
14) Bird Behaviour Robert Burton
15) Peregrine Falcon Roy Dennis
16) Peterson Reference Guide to Birds by Impression K. Karlson
17) An Artist on Migration Bruce Pearson
18) Bird Migration Chris Mead
19) Australia's Beautiful Birds and their Young
20) How to attract birds to your Garden Stephen Moss

British Birds ID and where to see them

21) Photographic Guide to The Birds of Britain and Europe
22) Readers Digest Book of Birds
23) RSPB Guide to Birdwatching
24) Birds of Britain and Europe N. Hammond, M. Everett
25) Birds of the British Isles Jim Flegg
26) Collins Field Guide to Warbler Songs and Calls Britain and Europe (3CDs)
27) Spurn Environment resource pack
28) The Birds of Durham Atlas up to 2011
29) Complete British Birds Photo guide
30) The Highlands and Islands 1977
31) Observations of Wildlife Peter Scott
32) The Most Amazing Birds to see in Britain Readers Digest
33) The Guinness Book of Sea and Shore Birds.
34) The MacMillan Field Guide to Bird Identification
35) Hamlyn Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe
36) Where to watch Birds in Yorkshire John Mather
37) Bird Watching in East Yorkshire, The Humber and Teesmouth
38) Minsmere - Portrait of a Bird Reserve
39) A tour of British Bird Reserves Valerie Russell
40) Where to watch Birds John Gooders 1974
41) The Illustrated Birdwatchers Calender Bob Scott (1982)
42) The Illustrated Birdwatchers Calender Bob Scott (2001)
43) The Birds of the Lonely Lake 1961
44) A Season of Birds - A Norfolk Diary 1911

Birds of Different Countries: The Field guides

45) Birds of New Zealand
46) The Collins Guide to the Birds of New Zealand
47) Birds Of Australia
48) Birds of the Eastern Caribbean
49) Birds of Colorado
50) Birds of the National Parks of South Africa
51) A Birdwatching Guide to The Gambia
52) Helm Field Guides: Birds of The Gambia and Senegal
53) The Rough Guide to The Gambia
54) Birdwatching Guide to Mallorca
55) Where to Watch Birds in Eastern Europe

Birders Books

56) H is for Hawk Helen MacDonald
57) Say Goodbye to the Cuckoo Michael McCarthy
58) The Snow Goose William Fiennes
59) Everyday Birds Tony Soper
60) The Longest Flight Jeremy Lucas
61) Of Roseates and Rectories: A birding biography of the Revd. Francis Blathwayt
62) An Exhilaration of Wings: The Literature of birdwatching
63) Bill Oddie's Little Black Book
64) Bill Oddie's Gone Birding
65) Bill Oddie's Gripping Yarns
66) This Birding Life Stephen Moss
67) How to be a bad Birdwatcher Simon Barnes
68) A Bad Birdwatchers Companion Simon Barnes
69) Birding -Home and away Roy Crosby
70) To see every Bird on Earth Dan Koeppel
71) Bird Watching, Watching Alex Horne
72) The Biggest Twitch Alan Davies and
Ruth Miller
73) Scilly Birding Simon Davey
74) Birders - The Tail of a Tribe Mark Cocker

Gill Reid

Monday, 12 June 2017

East Yorkshire RSPB Local Group Newsletter September 2017

East Yorkshire RSPB Local Group Newsletter September 2017

We welcome your contributions for our next newsletter on any bird or wildlife related topic.
Articles can be just an interesting snippet of a few sentences, or a longer article.
Please email them to Gayna Wallis, our newsletter editor, by Friday July 28th.
The newsletter will be sent out at the beginning of September.