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July 2017

Friday, 28 July 2017

Adult and children with book and binoculars birdwatching

East Yorkshire Wildlife Explorers Group

About us
The East Yorkshire Wildlife Explorers Group
exists to encourage children and families to connect with nature. We get involved in lots of fun, wildlife themed activities which can include moth trapping at night, rock pooling and practical habitat conservation in local places around Bridlington and the surrounding area.

We welcome children aged 5-12 and as we're a family Group ask that all children are accompanied by an appropriate adult.

Meeting times and costs
We run two sessions most months all year round - Monday sessions are always in the evening at RSPB Bempton Cliffs and the Saturday morning sessions are held at one of our local nature hotspots. We run our sessions for free - all resources are provided by the Group. Please note that some of our venues may charge an entrance fee.

Meeting place: Bempton Cliffs Seabird Centre YO15 1JD
Various others - see programme below.

Saturday 21st (10am-12 noon)
Big Garden Birdwatch at Sewerby Gardens
We'll be at Sewerby Hall and Gardens for a spot of birdwatching as we get ready to take part in the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch.

Saturday 18th (10am - 12 noon)
Give a bird a home!
We'll be making nest boxes for the birds at Tophill Low Nature Reserve, Watton.

Monday 10th (6.30pm-8pm) (Indoor)
Digital Nature
Discover how we can use the internet to get closer to nature. We'll be looking for wild places to go, wildlife to watch and websites packed with nature info.

Saturday 18th (10-12 noon)
Potty planting and spring clean
We'll be at Bempton Cliffs to help out insects by planting flower pots ready for the spring and to spruce up the Bempton Cliffs Bug Hotel.

Monday 10th (6.30pm-12 noon)
The signs of spring
Spring is here at long last! We'll be looking for all the signs of spring as well as welcoming back thousands of seabirds; perhaps you'll even see a puffin!

Saturday 22nd (10am - 12 noon)
Let's rock!
Everybody loves a good rock pooling session and that's what we'll be doing at South Landing, Flamborough. We'll also be doing a beach clean to help protect the wildlife we find.

Monday 8th (6.30pm-8pm)
Wild Art
The reserve at this time of the year is full of wildlife and we'll be using creative ways to capture what we see in this arty session.

Saturday 13th (10am-12 noon)
Sensing nature
We'll be at Tophill Low Nature Reserve, Watton, using all our senses to experience the wild space around us.

Monday 12th (6.30pm-8pm)
Photography workshop
Award winning wildlife photographer, Steve Race, will be with us for a fun photography session. Don't worry if you don't have a camera, we can provide one for you!

Saturday 10th (10am-12 noon)
Flower Power!
We'll be at Wharram Quarry, Wharram-le-Street in search of the orchids and butterflies that thrive there.

Monday 10th (6.30pm-12 noon) (Indoor)
Super snails!
Snails really are super! We'll use fun games and activities to find out why.

Saturday 15th
Wildlife Explorers Big Day Out (10.30am-4pm)
Join us for a day of wild fun exploring the moors at Fylingdales. The Group will be out all day so bring along a picnic. Please contact Margaret Boyd to confirm venue.

Monday 14th (6.30pm-8pm) (Indoor)
Hedgehogs are go!
Join us for a talk by Toni Bunnell who rescues hedgehogs and to meet some of her hedgehogs face-to-face.

Saturday 19th (10am-12 noon)
Get close to nature.
We'll be at Tophill Low Nature Reserve, Watton, to trap mammals, ring birds and look at moths.

Monday 11th (6.30pm-8pm)
Mini-beast Mayhem 1
In this session we'll be making our own pitfall traps
and marking snails ready for the Saturday session
Saturday 16th (10am-12 noon)
Mini-beast Mayhem 2
We'll be back at RSPB Bempton Cliffs to see what we've caught in the pitfall traps, to find our marked snails and for those who dare, we'll be searching for spiders.

Monday 9th (6.30pm-8pm)
Winter wildlife
We'll be finding out about winter wildlife and how we can help our wild friends to survive the colder months.

Saturday 14th (10am-12 noon)
Millennium Orchard here we come!
We'll be at the Millennium Orchard at Beverley Parks to explore apple orchards and the wildlife that lives there.

Monday 13th (6.30pm-8pm) (Indoor)
Taking action for nature
In winter there's a lot less food about for our feathered friends so this week we'll be making bird food to help our garden birds survive the cold winter months.

Saturday 18th (10am-12 noon)
Giving Nature a Home
We'll be making wildlife shelters in the woodland at the Living Seas Centre, Flamborough.

Saturday 16th (10am-12 noon) (Indoor)

Ding-dong merrily-on-high!
We'll be playing festive games and creating Christmas crafts at RSPB Bempton Cliffs.

For information about the Wildlife Explorer Group please contact Margaret Boyd at

The RSPB is the country's largest nature conservation charity, inspiring everyone to give nature a home. Together with our partners, we protect threatened birds and wildlife so our towns, coast and countryside will teem with life
once again.

If you would like to talk to someone about the way your group is run and how you are treated please call the RSPB on 0800 9178566. Call between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday to speak to someone. There is an answerphone at all other times.

Child safety and welfare
The RSPB takes all practicable steps to safeguard the safety and welfare of children and young people while they are in contact with the Society, observing the recommendations of the Home Office code of practice also covering Scotland and Northern Ireland, and conforming to all relevant legislation.