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February 2018

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Family watching garden birds

East Yorkshire RSPB Wildlife Explorers' Group Programme

About us
The East Yorkshire Wildlife Explorers Group
exists to encourage children and families to connect with nature. We get involved in lots of fun, wildlife themed activities which can include spider trapping, wildlife watching and practical habitat conservation in local places around Bridlington and the surrounding area.

We welcome children aged 5-12 and as we're a family group ask that all children are accompanied by an appropriate adult.

Meeting times and costs
We run two sessions most months all year round - Monday sessions are always in the evening at RSPB Bempton Cliffs and the Saturday morning sessions are held outdoors at one of our local nature hotspots. We run our sessions for free - all resources are provided by the Group. Please note that some of our venues may charge an entrance fee.

Meeting place
Bempton Cliffs Seabird Centre YO15 1JF

Monday 12th (6.30pm-8pm) (Indoor)
Noisy nature and poetry
Arrr-uh... teecher teecher - can you make the sounds of a puffin or a great tit? Have fun making the sounds of different birds and write poetry about your favourite ones.

Saturday 17th (10-12 noon)
Beachcomb and outdoor art
We'll be at South Landing, Flamborough, to discover the wildlife by the seaside before creating sculptures with what we find during the beachcomb.

Monday 9th (6.30pm-8.30pm) (Outdoor)
Science in action!
The rare tree sparrows that live at the reserve are really special. Help us to count how many are using our bird boxes, and try to spot those with leg rings.

Saturday 14th (10am - 12 noon)
Welcome back seabirds!
We'll be at Bempton Cliffs to welcome back thousands of seabirds. Which is your favourite - the puffin, gannet, or maybe the guillemot?

Monday 14th (6.30pm-8pm) (Outdoor)
Plants and flowers
We'll be helping to plant up the Wildlife Garden so that the insects which make their home here can also have a tasty meal!

Saturday 19th (10am-12 noon)
Practical conservation: trees and plants
We'll be at Tophill Low Nature Reserve, Watton, for some practical work with trees and plants.

Monday 11th (6.30pm-8pm) (Outdoor)
Scavenger hunt
Who doesn't love a good old bug hunt?! We'll follow the Scavenger Trail to learn about and find mini-beasts as we go.

Saturday 9th (11am-3pm)
Wildlife Explorers Big Day Out
Join us for a day of wild fun exploring the moors and streams at Fylingdales. The Group will be out all day so bring along a picnic. Meeting point TBC.

Monday 9th (6.30pm-8pm) (Indoor)
Amazing cetaceans!
We'll be walking along the cliff-top, binoculars and scopes in hand to scan the waves for whales and dolphins. Fingers crossed we'll spot some!

Saturday 14th (10am-12 noon)
Wetland wildlife
We'll be at YWT North Cave Wetlands, Brough, to catch up with the enchanting wildlife and birds that live there.

Monday 13th (6.30pm-8pm) (Outdoor)
Pond dipping
We'll be pond dipping at our newt pond hoping to find newt and dragonfly larvae, plus lots of other water-loving mini-beasts.

Saturday 25th (10am-12 noon)
Bempton Cliffs BioBlitz
We'll be taking part in the reserve's annual BioBlitz with mammal trapping, bird ringing, spider trapping and more!

Monday 10th (6.30pm-8pm) (Outdoor)
Un-Nature Trail
We'll follow a very special trail - what counts as litter and is bad for nature? And what can we do to reduce litter and plastic pollution.

Saturday 15th (10.30am-12 noon)
Beach Clean
We'll be taking part in the National Beach Clean at North Beach in Bridlington - both people and wildlife will benefit from cleaning up our beaches.

Saturday 22nd September (10am - 12 noon)
Practical conservation
We'll be helping the warden to create snake refugia at Tophill Low. It'll be ssssuper!

Monday 8th (6.30pm-8pm) (Indoor)
Take action - litter campaign
Together we can tackle the problem of litter and protect our wild spaces. We'll be making posters to take into schools and share with our friends.

Saturday 20th (10am-12 noon) Date TBC
It's time for bird migration!
We'll be at Filey Country Park to take part in the Yorkshire Coast Ringing Week. We'll watch a bird ringing demonstration and take a fun migration walk.

Saturday 10th (10am-12 noon)
Den building!
Any serious explorer should have the essential den-building skills so we'll be at Beverley Orchards to practice ours. We'll also be looking out for fabulous fungi while we're there.

Saturday 15th (10am-12 noon) (Indoor)
Ding-dong merrily-on-high!
We'll be playing festive games and creating Christmas crafts at RSPB Bempton Cliffs.

For information about the Wildlife Explorer Group please contact Margaret Boyd at or 0751 343 8314.

If you would like to talk to someone about the way your group is run and how you are treated please call the RSPB on 0800 9178566. Call between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday to speak to someone. There is an answerphone at all other times.

Child safety and welfare
The RSPB takes all practicable steps to safeguard the safety and welfare of children and young people while they are in contact with the Society, observing the recommendations of the Home Office code of practice also covering Scotland and Northern Ireland, and conforming to all relevant legislation.