Thursday, 5 November 2020

Robin sitting in grass

Latest News from East Yorkshire

Dear Members,

I hope everyone is well and coping with the current situation.

Last week we had clearance from RSPB to restart field trips, but sadly, with East Yorkshire likely to return to Tier 2 after the National Lockdown, we feel it is not safe to do so. For just a few days we were delighted to be planning visits, but regrettably we have had to put them on hold again.

However, we are producing a short newsletter to be emailed to you before the end of the year and we're hoping that will cheer us all up a bit. If you have a contribution for this, Gayna will be pleased to include it. Please email it to

In the newsletter, Gill, our field trips officer, will include a list of field trips for 2021, but we will let you know when the first one is safe to go ahead. We don't expect to get the go ahead for indoor meetings until some time next year. It's possible our first one might be the AGM in April.

Keith, our Conservation Officer, will include details for February's Beached Bird Survey, because there is a good chance that this will be allowed, since it's outside and mostly done by individuals or people from the same household.

Membership fees for 2020 will roll over to include 2021.

I hope everyone who is taking part in this year's Listing Competition is managing to find plenty of birds, despite the restrictions. I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of species I've seen without leaving Yorkshire.

I do hope we get a few articles for the newsletter, no matter how brief, just to keep in touch and to hear how Lockdown Birding is going.

Best wishes to everyone. Stay safe.
Sue Leyland

East Yorkshire RSPB Local Group