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Aberlady volunteering

Aberlady volunteering
Jon Brown

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Seven members of the local group, faced by the long-awaited arrival of spring on Saturday 13th and already fed-up with spring cleaning, joined with the Aberlady nature reserve volunteers on Sunday 14th April for a day's Sea Buckthorn control.
On a day which was steadily brightening and made it comfortably into the mid-teens during the afternoon we set off into the reserve to pick up the tools required.
Whilst we did not meet Mr. Badger himself, only a few metres along the path we found evidence of his presence in the form of a hole for his toilet requirements, unfortunately his aim was not so good, confirming in the minds of some that this was indeed evidence of the presence of Mr. Badger.
We had been pre-warned to look out for migrating Common Toads on their way back to their breeding ponds before setting out into the reserve and true enough as we approached the first pond there was Mr. Toad, not in a horse and caravan or in a shiny red car but being carried along by Mrs. Toad amplexus style (cue more gender based comments from the party). Migration to the breeding grounds was in full swing and this was a sight to be replicated many times along the way.
But to work - the Wild Wood is becoming too wild and the Sea Buckthorn in the reserve is spreading too vigorously so our task was to grub out the spreading young plants to try and keep the patches contained to the mature established areas allowing the remainder of the reserve to be preserved unstrangled. A good area was thoroughly dealt with and the kind weather allowed us to travel home both having completed our task and having caught some sun.

With one last tenuous reference!
Signed .... A Vole-unteer.