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Nuthatch at nesthole - Brian Robertson

Saturday, 18 February 2017

We started with a song thrush welcoming us to Harestanes, house sparrows and various tits in the hedge, and in nearby trees one goldfinch with a flock of siskins kept us busy while still in the car park. A large flock of redwing landed in the field as we were watching a pair of red-legged partridge. A flock of chaffinches were found by an area where seed had fallen. A pair of buzzards flew overhead and then the call of a nuthatch. Several were seen, some with difficulty, as they were high in mature trees, but there was a good view of one in a hole in a tree near the river. A treecreeper was seen briefly high up while searching for the illusive nuthatch and in silhouette, the fine down-curved beak the only detail giving its identity. Several goldcrests were seen flitting between the branches and of course a pair of mallards were on the small pond.

The threatening rain was becoming heavier as we decided to stop for lunch, so we remained in the wooded area where a well-timed brief, but noisy appearance of several jays distracted us from our sandwiches. Walking down towards the river, we were entertained by a number of goldfinches balancing on the grass seed heads. Little grebes and goosanders were on the river and we had a lovely view of a pair of dippers bobbing near the far bank. A large number of rooks were calling as they rose from the trees. On our return to the car park, a last look round gave us more siskins, lots of tits, and adding to our list a single tree sparrow and lesser redpolls. Afterwards, some of us visited the Woodside Café and finally spotted a long tailed tit at the feeders. A good finish to a pleasant day, despite the low number of birds spotted, total 38.

Linda Norrie

Bird list:
Blackbird, song thrush, dunnock, house sparrow, tree sparrow, robin, wren, starling
Blue/great/coal/LT - tits, gold/green/bull/chaffinch, goldcrest, siskin, lesser redpoll
Nuthatch, treecreeper, buzzard, mistle thrush, redwing
Red legged partridge, pheasant, wood pigeon, stock/collared dove, magpie, rook, jackdaw, jay
Little grebe, goosander, dipper, mallard, herring gull.