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Isle of May

Isle of May
Shag and guillemot - Steuart Ferguson

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

27 turned up at Anstruther on a pleasant but overcast day for our trip on the May Princess. From the harbour the sea looked calm and flat but as soon as we were past the end of the sea wall a definite swell from the north-east became apparent. This meant that those sitting on the left hand side of the boat got a little damp during the crossing.

Once on the island the group split up, some going with our two volunteer leaders, Winnie and Brian, and some going their own way. Before being able to explore the island everyone had to brave being dive bombed by the Arctic terns whose colony was either side of the path up from the jetty.

The weather stayed warm and fair for the duration of our stay on the island and all the expected species of bird were seen, particularly the auks, with many puffins, bills full of sandeels, posing to have their pictures taken. On getting back to Anstruther some of the group finished off the day with a fish supper tea at one of the local chippies.

Dave Stewart