About us

The group's aim is to be a friendly, welcoming RSPB presence in our area which covers Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannan districts.

We hold eight indoor meetings in Stirling on the the third Thursday evening of each month from September to April and there is a year-round programme of excursions to some of the noted bird-watching sites in the area.

Members of the group are active as volunteers in various RSPB sponsored projects.

Meeting times and costs

Thursday evenings once a month RSPB or Local Group Member 2.00 and Non RSPB Members 3.00.

Meeting place

Forth Valley Local Group, Hillpark Community Centre, Morrison Drive, Bannockburn, Stirling, Stirling, FK7 0HZ

Committee Posts

Mr Richard Knight: Main Contact, Leader
Dr Kenneth Wilkinson: Treasurer

Other people who help organise group activities

Mr Tam Craig
Mr Robert Devine
Mr David Jones
Mrs Helen McLaren
Mr Nigel Whitelaw
Dr Alison Wilkinson
Mrs Tina Wilkinson
Mrs Pat Gentleman
Mr David Woods