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Cotswold Water Park

Cotswold Water Park
Gavin Black

The Cotswolds Water Park is a series of currently 151 man-made lakes created by gravel extraction in south-east Gloucestershire and north Wiltshire, between Cirencester and Swindon. More pits are being added all the time. It is a rare example of human industry providing habitat which benefits wildlife.
20,000 waterbirds over winter here including Goldeneye and Smew. Red-crested Pochard breed as do Common Terns, Hobbies, Nightingales and Little Ringed Plovers. Anything can turn up here on Spring and Autumn passage.
A full description of all the sites within the water park and access to all the places to go would not be possible to cover here but please consider the following websites which appear here in the same order as on our links page. Please either use the links page to connect, to save writing the web addresses, or copy and paste the chosen address into your browser.

http// This page gives an insight into the species to be found in the district and includes several other categories of biodiversity besides birds and where to go to see them.

http// This will give you a page of text of what is likely to be around season-by-season in greater detail.

http// Here you can obtain the Cotswold Water Park Bio-diversity Action Plan and download and print checklists for various types of wildlfe. You can also check day-to-day sightings submitted to the blog by users and add your own sightings after your visit.

The Gloucestershire RSPB Local Members Group visits the Cotswold Water Park twice a year, usually February, for the waterfowl, particularly Smew, Goldeneye and Red-crested Pochard and again in June, for Hobbies, Common Terns and various Warbler species.