Trip reports

Nagshead RSPB reserve

Nagshead RSPB reserve
Gavin Black

Sunday, 5 May 2019

There appears to be no Wood Warblers at Nagshead this year but our two other targets are usually expected to be evident and so they were on this occasion. The first was the Pied Flycatcher. Between us we saw two individual males and heard three others. The females were probably all on eggs.
The third target species was the Redstart and we saw just one male which we would have missed if there had been room in the hide for us. From the same spot where we heard three Pied Flycatchers and saw the Redstart, we also saw a pair of Stock Doves checking a potential nest hole (see pic).
We heard a Firecrest which we were unable to see and saw Nuthatches attending a box and a Treecreeper.