Trip reports

Linear Park Cinderford

Linear Park Cinderford
Gavin Black

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Although this walk was cancelled due to corona virus, as the site is close to home Jude and I decided to attend on behalf of the group.
We managed to see three Small Pearl-bordered Fritillaries and five Wood Whites. The Wood White is the species the Forest of Dean is known for among Butterfly enthusiasts and is shown in the attached photo. They are distinguished by their feint markings like wisps of smoke.
The Grizzled Skipper and Dingy Skipper we hoped for did not materialize. The area of short grass Where we had seen them previously was overgrown in places and scorched dry where it was short.
Other species of Butterflies we found were; Common Blue, Green-veined White, Small Heath, Small Skipper and Orange-tip.
We also saw Broad-bodied Chasers, Four-spotted Chasers and an Emperor Dragonfly.