Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Bill Oddie at the Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey.

Bill Oddie at the Watts Gallery, Compton, Surrey.

G F Watts, the celebrated Victorian artist, painted a picture of an angel weeping over the wings of slaughtered birds, to show his outrage at the destruction of birdlife for fashion, which was having a devastating effect on wildlife even threatening extinction of species such as the great crested grebe.

Bill Oddie and Roger Kerswell opened a special exhibition at the Watts Gallery which showcases this G.F. Watts painting called 'A Dedication: to Beauty and Innocence'. Watts dedicated the painting "To all those who love the beautiful and mourn over the senseless and cruel destruction of bird life and beauty". Watts completed this painting to show his support for the campaigners against the fashion for wearing feathers, who united to form the Society for the Protection of Birds in 1891. The picture has been adopted by HK Associates (UK) Limited, a consultancy owned by RSPB members Roger & Heather Kerswell.
The exhibition runs until 18th March 2012.

Mike Grimshaw, Group Leader, and local group members attended the opening of the exhibition at the Watts Gallery in support of the RSPB.

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