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In Flight Newsletter 40

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Welcome to your latest newsletter - we hope it finds you in good health and spirits.The trials and tribulations of Covid continue - our freedom is compromised by the continued spread of the infection. The light we hoped would glow ever brighter is sadly dimmed, but thankfully we are still in a position to continue with our outdoor meets complying with the restrictions. Below are reports from YWT Ripon City Wetlands and our evening meet to YWT Staveley Nature Reserve. More...

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Welcome to your July issue of InFlight. We hope this issue finds you in good health and spirit.Summer is here - or has summer been and gone - as we have had a brief spell of hot, dry weather? That, linked to a reduction in Covid restrictions, meant we were able to venture out and meet up again with other humans. Recently we had our first outing since February 2020, visiting YWT Ripon City Wetlands - where you can guess it - wer dank, damp and reet backendish! But were we down-hearted - no way!We have made a start and it hasn't all been doom and gloom over recent months as many of our members have enjoyed the 'Zoom' presentations. We would be interested to know if you would like us to consider arranging more presentations at times during the winter months. Please let us know through the usual channels.Date for your Diary -Tuesday 20th July - Our annual evening meet to YWT Staveley Nature Reserve. Meet 6:30pm at the Car Park.Although we had to cancel the meet last year, a small window of opportunity, when freedom was in short supply allowed for an indi-visit, and what a visit it was culminating in fabulous views of a hunting Barn Owl. The bird cruised around for ages and we stayed until darkness settled. A lovely end to the visit.Watch out for fuller details of a proposed visit to the catch the Spring High Tide at RSPB Frampton Marsh. An outline is recorded below. As this is a summer issue and we are sure you will be taking advantage of your newly found freedom - getting out and enjoying nature. Accordingly this is a shorter version of our winter size tome. But please send in your stories or photos to - it would be great to record how far and wide we have managed to spread ourselves as the shackles were eased.Enjoy your birding and keep safe More...

Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Let's hope we can say HAPPY NEW YEAR and may our birding exploits return to the norm. It will still of course require sustained control until the pandemic is managed to such an extent that we may bring some normality to our everyday life, to be able to get out and enjoy nature again. Hopefully a jab may move things on for us.........Sincere thanks to members for your support of the 'Zoom' offerings. It would be fair to say we have tried to be selective here as we have been bombarded with offers, some suitable and at a good cost through to others unsuitable and a much greater and excessive cost. Still, a good way to enjoy seeing fellow members albeit on a screen.In the mean time we hope you will continue to enjoy reading our Newsletter. Remember contributions will begratefully received and shared with our local group readers. As mentioned previously we are looking to include a birding reserve slot, where a member(s) describes a favourite birding venue. Please consider putting your favourite reserve or birding location forward. Also send any articles, stories, anecdotes, photographs to If you have ideas for the newsletter again please pass your thoughts across and we will endeavour to produce to your wishes.GOOD NEWS - In these days of lockdown and curtailment of outdoor activities it is good to know that workcontinues behind the scenes. The government recently launched a scheme entitled the Green Recovery Challenge Fund. The short window for applications opened early September through to the beginning of October inviting applicants to apply for grants to start work or further existing projects across England in an attempt to continue the restoration of nature and begin to tackle climate change.The Lower Ure Conservation Trust on behalf of Nosterfield, one of our local go to reserves (see below) applied and were rewarded with a grant for £132,800p. The government set aside an initial fund of £40million and very quickly found themselves with bids totalling £170million. This proves that there is considerable interest in nature and that it is being supported.Keep safe and healthy in these difficult times.Your Committee More...

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Sunday, 22 August 2021

A total of 13 members attended this meeting, 8 arriving on time despite the closure of the A1 and a detour via the M62 and the other 5 who were 15 minutes late for whom the M62/A1 junction was closed whilst two 200m chimneys at Ferrybridge were blown up. Not an excuse for late arrival that you usually hear. More...

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