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October 2018

Saturday, 6 October 2018

2019 Photography Competition - 'Wildlife in Action'

After a successful wildlife photo competition two years ago, when almost 100 entries were received from 12 photographers, we are organising another photo competition for 2019.

The subject on this occasion is 'Nature in Action', both flora and fauna, and in the British Isles. On this occasion the judging emphasis is on 'Action', whether a photo of an event about to, taking, or having taken place. There will be a small prize for both the Judge's and Audience's favourite photos, which it is planned will also feature on the cover of a greetings type card. These will be on sale to members after conclusion of the competition in June 2019.

The competition is only open to 'Members' of the Hemel Hempstead Local Group, with an entry end date of the 3rd June 2019 local group meeting. The maximum number of entries per entrant is 5 per category at £1 each. Photos must have been taken by the named entrant. A copy of the full Rules & Guidelines and Entry Form can be obtained from Ian Parker or David Brown at a Local Group meeting. A PDF copy of the Rules is also on this site.

The results will be announced, the prizes awarded, and the shortlisted entries displayed at the local group meetings in the autumn of 2019.

We very much look forward to receiving your photo entries.

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