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July 2018

Saturday, 14 July 2018

An Excellent Day at the Chipperfield Fete

An Excellent Day at the Chipperfield Fete

The Hemel Hempstead RSPB local group attended the Chipperfield Fete on the 14th July 2018, and set up a display on a generous 6m x 3m pitch. The day was a scorcher, but attendance at the fete was very high with lots of activities on the Common for everyone.

The Fete featured fairground attractions, an arena for displays of dancing, music, Morris men etc. and there would have been a dog competition but it was called off due to the heat. There were plenty of food and drink vendors. There were also several other charitable organisations with stalls.

Our objective was to promote the Hemel Hempstead RSPB local group and an interest in birds & nature in general, but also to raise funds via the Cuckoo game and from the sale of RSPB pin badges. The stand attracted lots of interested people of all age groups, the pin badges sold ex-tremely well, whilst the Cuckoo game was a great crowd puller. Many people took RSPB leaflets and/or the Hemel RSPB 2018/19 programmes. Funds raised were about £70.

Many people wanted to talk about their garden birds, and birds they had seen on holiday. We had questions about pipits from a primary school teacher who wanted to know more for his group who were called the Pipits, through to a lady from Bovingdon who wanted details about Swift boxes and we were able to direct her to Boxmoor Trust for further information. We also spoke with people who wished to share information such as those who cared for injured birds, and even a couple who have hedgehogs in their garden in Bovingdon. A popular topic was red kites, their numbers, what they feed on etc. It was a very busy afternoon with many varied questions.

With over 70-80 people talking to us either as a group or individually, we should have had a posi-tive impact on the profile of the RSPB in the area. The team manning the stand felt it was a very successful afternoon's work.