Trip reports


Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Our trip to St James's went well on Wednesday .The vibrant colours of flowers, birdlife and even the palace guards and band showed London at its springtime and ceremonial best.

We had suberb close ups of smew, a common pintail, and red crested pochard, The geese were well represented with canada, barnacle , bar headed , egyptian with 5 pretty goslings, a white fronted, about 20 greyleg and four elegant red breasted.

The ornamental gardens were filled with spring flowers , azaleas and rhododendrons. The lake had many colourful ducks among which were common shelduck, common pochard, hooded merganser, a pair of white headed , chiloe widgeon, ringed teal and european teal, gorgeous ruddy shelduck as well as the eponymous 3 pelicans. Two black swans and a pair of mute swans were the next largest birds on the lake closely followed by a ross goose. The most common water birds seen were coot, tufted duck, mallard with a solitary little grebe and just a few moorhen.

Herring and black headed gull swooped overhead and a pair of lesser black backed gulls perched on the rocks usually occupied by the pelicans whilst some noisy parakeet merged into the green canopy of the trees.

On the grass and in the shrubs and bushes in the park carrion crow , jackdaw, magpie and blackbirds hunted for worms and scraps from tourists as a green woodpecker yaffled and robin,wren and chiffchaff sang .

We were treated to the sights of a troop of Horse Guards in gleaming armour riding down Constitution Hill to the Palace, and a bonus was the sight and sound of the Band in their bright red uniforms playing in the Palace forecourt.

A brief April shower spoilt our stop for lunch but we finished our walk in Green Park as we admired the war memorials to Bomber Command and the new memorial to the fallen Commonwealth soldiers commemorated during Anzac day.

All told we had seen over 36 species of birds and had a special day in the heart of London


Michael and Margaret Doydge, David Jones, Anthea Lovatt, Diane Wilson, Alan Corner