Trip reports


Goosander on water

Saturday, 27 March 2010

As we drove up Strathconon we stopped to check out a group of mallard and goldeneye on Loch Meig and found a greenshank standing on the bank. Further up the glen a golden eagle was flying low over a hill and then perched in a tree allowing good views for everyone through the telescopes. We parked at the end of the tarmac road and immedately saw two ravens and a buzzard.Three male goosanders were on the loch. Luckily the showers held off and we had an enjoyable walk up the valley. Few species were added to the list but there was a nice herd of red deer stags.
On the way back down we stopped for lunch at Glen Meinich and found two dippers on the river.
We then drove to Loch Kinellan but a very heavy and prolonged shower brought an end to the day.
A total of 33 species was seen.