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Troup Head boat trip

Troup Head boat trip
Bob Shannon

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Once again the weather was against us and we didn't have high hopes of a fine sail as the day dawned grey, drizzly and cold. On arrival at MacDuff the rain had stopped and although still cloudy and grey, the sea was fairly calm and as everyone had arrived early we set off out of the harbour.
For the first hour we sailed along the rugged coastline watching shags, auks and gannets flying past the boat.
On reaching the cliffs at Troup Head thousands of gannets were wheeling overhead with kittiwakes, razorbills, guillemots and shags flying onto the ledges on the cliffs. There were many birds on the water around the boat. Looking up the sky was full of noisy birds and being under the cliffs allows a totally different experience to looking down from above.
A few black guillemots were on the sea and we were lucky to spot two puffins from the small population at this site.
As we turned round to head back we were served a very welcome cup of coffee and biscuits.
A very enjoyable sail was further enhanced by a pod of about six bottle-nosed dolphins swimming alongside the boat.