Trip reports


Adult female blackbird on garden lawn

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Goosander, goldeneye and mallards were feeding on Loch Meig. After a brief stop we continued driving to the end of the public road at Scardroy. On the loch were a pair of black-throated divers and oystercatchers. Two grey wagtails flew past and everyone enjoyed close views of a goldcrest . There were very few birds seen as we strolled along the track but the scenery, sunshine and good company made for a very pleasant walk. After our picnic lunch we returned down the strath and finally saw a golden eagle. Everyone managed to get out of the cars and get a glimpse before it disappeared over a ridge.
We decided to visit Loch Achility and were rewarded by a red-throated diver and pair of Slavonian grebes.
As it was such a lovely afternoon we continued up to Loch Kinellen where a few more species were added to the list of 40 species including the first spring migrant, a chiffchaff. As we walked long the path a red kite flew over the loch, circled around a couple of times then swooped down to the water seemingly to pick something off the surface or maybe as someone suggested it looked like it was washing it's feet!