Monday, 29 June 2020

Group Leader's News Late June 2020
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Group Leader's News Late June 2020

Following on from my last news update the RSPB has now suspended all Local Group physical activities (indoor and outdoor meetings, fund raising events etc.) until the end of 2020, with a review of this decision to be carried out in early October. As a consequence our indoor meetings planned for Friday 4 September and Friday 2 October and the September coach trip (scheduled for the 21st) will not take place (but see below). Potentially better news comes in the form of an ongoing campaign to try to save our indoor meetings venue, 'The Settlement', from closure or at least to keep the main hall where we meet, for use by clubs and societies.

Our committee will be meeting in July to try to plan a way forward during these difficult times. We hope, at the very least, to be able to run some 'virtual' activities for members from September onwards - this might include internet talks given using 'Zoom' or other media, as a replacement for our indoor meetings. Ideas for how we might meet or link up in some way to go bird watching, whilst still following social distancing guidelines, will be considered but will of course have to get the agreement of the RSPB if we plan to go ahead. We are all very keen to keep going and keep all our members involved during these difficult times. Further news will follow before long: keep an eye on our Facebook page as well!

Keep Safe,