Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Group Leader's News Late July 2021
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Group Leader's News Late July 2021

Currently the Local Group is 'resting' and gearing up for the start of the 2021-22 season. Covid-19 has badly disrupted our events for the last couple of seasons. We are hoping and planning to get back to normal with 'face to face' indoor and outdoor meetings in 2021-22. However, there are still many 'unknowns' at present and it will not be possible to put a full programme together until later in the year. BECAUSE THE 'EVENTS' PAGE WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR US TO USE AFTER 1 AUGUST I HAVE DECIDED TO UPDATE THE PAGE NOW WITH WHAT WE CURRENTLY (LATE JULY) KNOW. PLEASE SEE THIS NEWS PAGE FOR FURTHER UPDATES.

We do have the dates for the indoor meetings and a speaker will give a talk at each of these meetings. We plan to hold these at 'The Settlement', as before the pandemic, but it is still possible that the meetings will have to be held on 'Zoom' or perhaps as a combination of the two.

The outdoor meetings venues have been booked and we plan to visit them on the appointed dates, come what may. We very much hope to visit most of these venues by coach. However, we will only run the coach trips if they are financially viable for the Local Group. This will, in turn, depend on us having enough seats on the coach and being able to fill those seats. If we can't use a coach we will visit the venues using our own transport. When we have further information I will let you know on this page.