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Midweek Walk

Female great tit
Great Tit

Tuesday, 24 August 2021

The latest in the series of mid-week walks for the group visited Chantry Park on the south side of Ipswich. This is the largest of the Ipswich parks by area and like the other main parks in Ipswich, it was formerly a hunting park attached to a stately home.
The stately home is now run by Barnardos and the park by the council. Chantry Park probably has the largest rewilded area on its southern flank, now a major area of scrub, grassland and small trees. The park has large areas of mown grass and some superb trees that are probably 150 years old, including Small Leaf Lime. Birdlife was quiet, as is the case in late August with little song and most migrants having departed. Sighting of the day was of three Buzzards soaring over the south of the park, calling and effortlessly soaring on the thermals as the day warmed up. Otherwise, it was a few sightings of the common parkland birds one would expect to see.
The wildflower season was coming to a close as well with the Willow herbs, Knapweeds and Sow Thistle being in flower but most others were at the seed stage. On the mown grass areas Common Catsear was prolific. Butterflies included sightings of Peacock, Red Admiral, Meadow Brown, Grayling and a couple of Speckled Wood. Several species of Darter and Dragonfly were also noted during the visit.
The oak trees were noted to be lacking in acorns but had several interesting oak galls on. By contrast the Small Leaf Lime trees were prolific with their fruit. Whilst not a great day for birding the varied wildlife spotted made for an interesting mornings' walk.
(Stephen Marginson)